Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FAQ 5 - What if I miss a day?

FAQ 5 - What if I miss a day? I feel really bad about it!

Answer: Well, in some sense it is good that you feel bad about it because you want to be responsible for what you have committed yourself to. The worst that can happen to you is indifference, where you couldn't care less whether you have missed a day or not. So take to heart that you do care about how you are doing. But do not let a single set-back pulls you away from your objective, that is, to know God better through His Word daily. It is meant to be a liberation for our soul, not a burden, as John Foster aptly titled it in his book, "Celebration of Discipline". 

My suggestion is, no matter how many days you may have missed (hopefully lesser as you progress), celebrate the successes that you have. For e.g., instead of saying "I missed 3 days."
you proclaim "I completed 4 days!" It is a half empty or half full perspective.

So if you do missed a day, it's okay. Relax! It is not a test. Remember, journalling is for  our good. God never meant it to be legalistic and a burden. If it is, then we need to repent for suggesting it to be so! Keep to time following the dates of the reading even if you miss a day or more. You can catch up with the previous days’ reading later when you have the time. Your goal at this stage is to make it a habit to complete 21 days of reading. It may feel like it is regimented but it will soon become a joyous habit!

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