Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FAQ 2 - The Notepad problem

FAQ 2 - The 5 things I am suppose to have in my journalling: Bible, Growth Journal, Pen, Bible Reading Plan and Notepad. I have a problem with the Notepad. I know I am supposed to write down on it anything that distracts me from my devotional time, to sort of park aside my thoughts so that I can focus on my time with God, rather than being distracted by what I have to do that day. I realized that I can keep going to these thoughts I have just penned down and it's not even something I needed to do. What should I do?

 Answer: Obviously, whatever the issues are, they are troubling you. Isn't this a great indication that there are some unresolved matters in your life? Because you are quietening or slowing down yourself enough for these matters to show you some warning lights, maybe you should pause and ask God why this is so. Nothing happens without a reason. Put aside your journalling for the time being. Even this notepad can be used by God to help sort out your issues. That’s why it is important for us to spend daily time with God, an important pit stop to repair, refuel and recharge. It is not about being legalistic with regards to your journalling. It is not about how many times you have done your journalling, or whether you are following the reading plan faithfully. They are important but what is even more pertinent is hearing the voice of God about your life. He can use anything to speak to us, whether your Bible, Growth Journal, an inner voice, or your Notepad! If you need further help, maybe you should seek for wise counsel with regards to your issues. Realization and awareness is the start to resolution.

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