Friday, March 27, 2009

FAQ 4 - What if I get nothing?

FAQ 4 - There are times when I read the particular passage, I really can't glean anything out of it. It is almost like a blank. What should I do?

Answer: Relax-lah, bro (or sis)! I think we are just too performance oriented in some sense. If it's a blank, then tell the Lord so and I don't think He's going to fault you on that. I think you are more upset with yourself than anything else. If there's really nothing, then write on that page: "NOTHING TODAY!"

Is that okay? Perfectly so. Tell you what. Instead of getting frustrated, try relaxing and focus on the Lord. Speak to Him and you will be surprise to hear His gentle voice. Maybe something is troubling you. Maybe you are tired, or frustrated over something. Remember, it is not the form or method. It is about you setting aside a time with God. There may be times there's nothing to say. There will be times there are plenty to say. But set aside a time each day with this Lord that you love and that in itself pleases Him ,whether one full page or a singel line. Maybe write what's in your thoughts or write a simple prayer. Or just copy the whole or partial passage onto. that page. Remember, it's just a precious time with your Heavenly Father. He enjoys that time with you, not what you can produce for Him. :)

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