Monday, April 27, 2009

Background to Nehemiah

I mentioned earlier in a post here of Rev David Pawson's "Unlocking the Bible" as a great tool to help you in your Bible reading. You can make your reading and journalling of Nehemiah with a lot more understanding and engagement if you read his chapter on Ezra and Nehemiah, page 682. It is very easy reading and provides a wonderful historical background to this book. Did you know there were two exiles, three deportations and three returns? Nehemiah led the third return. His chief concern was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Who lead the first and second return? Go find out! They were all mentioned in the book of Nehemiah.

In case you have not bought Pawson's book, you can get it from our bookshop in church. I assure you this will be one of your best investments for your spiritual growth.

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