Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why you must keep journalling ......

Well done, those of you who have been journalling faithfully. Our definition of 'faithful' is when you journal at least 4 times a week. Just a heads-up to encourage you faithful readers of this blog.

If you have finished using up a Growth Journal since January 2009, you will receive a brand new journal. Make sure you inform your Cell Leader, but don't ask him yet until he bring this up to the group! This is your privilege information. This should happen in the next two or three weeks.

If you have been journalling faithfully (according to the definition above), you will receive something from Senior Pastor! (Secret .... won't tell you what it is) :) This will happen by early August.

If you keep this on until end of the year, you will receive a BIG incentive at the end of the year. Again, secret ..... :) Won't tell you what that is.

Of course, we keep journalling not because of the reward. Let me remind everyone again, from my very first post in this blog:

The heart of journalling is to encourage YOU to go to the Word of God daily to feed YOURSELF on His Wisdom and Truth. It is to allow the Word of God to study us and to transform us more and more into His Likeness!

But a little incentive and reward helps of course. After all, we are only HUMAN! :)

Disclaimer: Sorry, this is only for DUMC members. Membership has its privilege.

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