Monday, December 10, 2012

One shot and one chance in their life!

I made this status update on my facebook this week: Make time for your family! We wonly have one shot and one chance at every milestone of their life! We miss it, it's gone!
We are always on our annual family trip somewhere. This year it is in a relatively unknown spot in Thailand called Hua Hin. Apparently it is Thailand's royal beach resort, less known than the popular Phuket or Samui. Our annual trip has been a tradition kept for many years now, whether it is a local one, or overseas. When the children were younger, it was much more challenging as the packing list was longer. Now that they are much older, their packing list is their own although still with some input from mum. We still treat them as little kids at times (told them they will always be fifteen or younger in our hearts and minds) and still irritating them with a barrage of reminders.

I suppose in our hearts, they will always remain young, that they never grew up. I know it's totally unfair to them but we will always be watching out for them but hopefully learning to let go and letting them take responsibility over their own actions and life. It will certainly be hard to let go, but we know we need to. At my age now, my parents are still as concern as they were of me when I was young. That's the beauty of family I suppose but hopefully we will not choke them to tears.

Our boys are now between 15 and 22! We have to learn to start letting go. I shared in my sermon last month that with my eldest son, he has shown me the signs that I am looking for where I can say with an amount of certainty and peace that I can let him go as he has learnt to take responsibility over his own actions. He will not blame anyone else or the things that happen in his life but to adopt a great attitude of learning from them and be thankful in all circumstances.

Interestingly after that, my youngest son with his usual wit asked me whether he has shown any of the sign I mentioned. I told him definitely not at this point in his life! He needs time to grow. While they are growing up, let's not miss out on the milestones of their life. We can never turn back the clock at each of these milestones but to treasure them and never to miss out on them. They certainly grow too fast for us to catch up. Make time nevertheless where we can and never stop telling them how much you love them! I have known men who in the latter years when they have time for their children, they (the children) no longer are interested. What a sad picture! Catch the moments now!


  1. Dear Ps Chris, thank you for your leadership in MEN ALIVE. I have only attended one meeting and its awesome ! Looking forward for more sessions and insight to how to enrich our family bonding. If we are still on the subject of golf, let me tell you that session 1 was my best tee off and longest drive. Blessings.

  2. It's a blessing my brother in Christ that you declare the unadulterated truth of Gods word! Man of God it truly appears that Gods word is reflected in every area of your life! Your a gift to the body of Christ! :) God bless you!