Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Burn-out Test

Burning out is a hazard in ministry, especially people involved in pastoral, counselling and social work. Our whole world can crash if we don't watch out for the signs. Here's a test. Hope it helps you to recognise your emotional fatigue.

For each of the question below, rate 1 to 5.
1 = Definite no
5 = Definite yes.
Put a number for each question and add up the total at the end.

1. I seem to be working harder but accomplishing less.
2. I dread going to work each day.
3. I seem to have less physical energy than before.
4. Things irritate me that in the past didn’t bother me.
5. More and more I find myself trying to avoid people.
6. I seem to be getting more short-tempered.
7. I am having a harder time concentrating.
8. More and more I find myself not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.
9. I am starting to lose confidence in my abilities.
10. I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate on my work.
11. It is getting harder for me to take risks.
12. I am becoming more dissatisfied with my accomplishment.
13. Lately I have started blaming God for my situation.
14. Someday I just want to run away from everything.
15. I care less and less if my work ever gets done or not.
16. It seems that everything is staying the same or getting worse.
17. It seems that everything I try to do takes more energy than I have.
18. I am finding it hard to do even simple and routine tasks.
19. I wish people would just leave me alone.
20. I am frustrated with the changes I see in myself.

0 – 30 points = You are in no danger of burn-out.
31 – 45 points = You are developing some of the symptoms of burn-out.
46 – 60 points = You are probably starting to burn-out. 
61 – 75 points = You are definitely in the burn-out process.
Over 75 points = You are in the advanced stages of burn-out.

Each of the questions above reveal one of the following symptoms.

1. Sense of restlessness - loss of inner peace
2. Sense of compulsion - loss of moderation
3. Sense of irritation - loss of self-control
4. Sense of isolation - loss of interest
5. Sense of boredom - loss of challenge

I will share with you some pointers in another post how to deal with them. Interestingly, my score is 26, even at 19 years of ministry as a pastor. I attribute this to the grace of God!

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  1. hi Pastor, thanks for the post. do post how to deal with burn-out soon.