Friday, December 16, 2011

How to keep yourself fresh and motivated

My Senior Pastor shared this with us pastors about how to keep ourselves fresh and motivated in ministry. Thought it may help some of you. Here's the main headings (in red) he shared. I'll add in my comments in black.

1. Daily time with God

The Word of God refreshes us in the spirit. When our inner man is refreshed, it allows our soul and body to follow suit.

2. Time away on a regular basis (Sabbath principle)
        Reflect Renew Refresh Rewire

God commanded Sabbath for a reason. He knows we will wear ourselves out with our need to achieve. This is one of the consequences of sin in our lives.

3. Read as much and as broad (even secular stuff)

I would add that we need to read with discernment. As much as there are many good stuff out there, there are also equally loads of rubbish. Choosing a good book is important. Go for at least one book a month. Share with someone what you read. I find sharing with someone helps me crystallize my thoughts on the book.

4. Go for seminar and conferences

Again, choose a good one. Make sure you write down immediately something that captured your mind.

5. Be in a 'Iron sharpening iron' small group

  • Circle of friends
  • Encouragement and support
  • Accountability
  • Partnership in ministry

6. Have one to three people who can speak into your life

Be thick-skinned enough to ask. As a mentor myself, I often find it hard to refuse someone who is persistent :)

7. Be in a mentoring relationship as a mentor

One can only mentor if you have something to give. Mentoring keeps you on your toes.

8. Exercise regularly
A healthy body is essential to start with.

9. Teach and impart

A teacher always learn more than the student! When you teach, you are motivated to learn.

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