Sunday, October 9, 2011

This email came as a result of the sermon I preached on Queen Esther.

Dear Pastor Chris,
            Thank you for sharing your sermon last weekend. I am writing to you to encourage and appreciate you, for what you said gave me a fresh revelation as well as a good reminder about who GOD is and what HE is doing in my life.
            Since I was a child, I have learnt the character of GOD. In my head, I know who HE is. But, as I grew up, many events happened (not sure if you remember but I do remember when and why we first met). Truly, when you spoke about someone who asks GOD, “Why?”, I can say, “that’s me!” I am also the one who thought GOD made mistakes in my life. I did think that life is rather cruel towards me… haha… But, last weekend, it dawned on me in my heart why it is indeed so important to know GOD.  I know why I asked why. It is because I have yet to fully believe or translate my knowledge into faith that GOD is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Your sermon has encouraged me to continue to trust in HIM and believe that GOD is indeed sovereign over all events in my life. Truly, HE has orchestrated every note, including the not-so-nice sounding minor ones. Haha… HE made and makes and will make no mistakes J
May the LORD continue to use you to be HIS mouthpiece! 
GOD bless you!
With love from,

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