Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something call MOMENTUM

Hi friends,
I learnt a powerful word in the last two months called MOMENTUM. To my dismay, my last post was about two months ago. I took my well deserved holiday break in December and since then one thing led to another. My beloved grandma passed away in early December. My family went away for a great holiday in Hong Kong mid-December and Christmas came along. School started in early January for the two younger boys and my eldest son has just been discharged from the hospital after a successful 1.5 cm tumor removal from the left side of his face just above the parotid gland and the masseter muscle. With start of the new year for work, many things begin to take time and attention and before I know it, I have lost my momentum in blogging!

In momentum, there are three phases. Creating, Capturing and Sustaining.
I created a great momentum in starting this blog. There were great enthusiasm on my end capturing that momentum as the readership increases and comments started coming in. Sustaining the momentum took greater effort than I thought as I struggled to keep it relevant. The greatest challenge in any blog is, "Will your readers return for more?"

To my surprise, there were still people reading the blog in spite of my silence according to the hit counter, and I am encouraged. Now I am attempting to create another momentum by starting to write something after the lull.

Keep in touch! Coming soon!

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